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Project SHOW – Call for Regional Replicator Sites!

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The SHOW project is looking for stakeholders interested in becoming a Regional Replicator site of the project. The call is open to any public or private entity based in Europe, which has the ambition to either initiate, upgrade or expand shared CCAM services in a regional area. Interested stakeholders could be:

any public or private entity/stakeholder based in Europe engaging in regional level, as this is an important level of governance within Europe that could also foster CCAM

a partnership of at least two municipalities that are in geographical proximity

municipalities that are located in rural areas or islands or that have a population below 200.000 citizens

may apply till 23st January 2023 through an email to info@e-trikala.gr  and stasiou@e-trikala.gr


Please send to the email addresses above:

i)the name of your organisation

  1. ii) the type of Organisation (e.g. local administration, transport authority, transport operator, research institute etc.)

iii) the address of the organization

  1. iv) an expression of interest (max 250 words that describe your ambitions regarding Cooperative, Connected & Automated Mobility (CCAM) within your territory

SHOW’s Replicator Sites will have the opportunity to observe closely SHOW demonstrations and activities. Being SHOW EU’s largest demonstration project of shared, connected, cooperative and automated mobility in urban areas, Regional Replicator sites have the opportunity to learn more about how to set up and operationalise shared CCAM services, and to benefit from dedicated support and tools in setting up multiplication plans and actions.




The SHOW project aims to advance sustainable urban transport through technical solutions, business models and priority scenarios for impact assessment, by deploying shared, connected, electrified fleets of automated vehicles in coordinated Public Transport (PT), Demand Responsive Transport (DRT), Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and Logistics as a Service (LaaS) operational chains in real-life urban demonstrations all across Europe.

SHOW is conducting real-life pilots of automated solutions since 2021. Pilots will extend in 20 Cities around Europe. In total, SHOW will deploy a fleet of more than 70 SAE L4/L5 AVs of all types for both passenger and cargo transport in dedicated lanes and mixed traffic, connected to a wide range of supporting infrastructure (5G, G5, IoT) and operating under traffic speeds ranging from 18 to over 50km/h. Other activities and outputs include the development of a common dashboard, marketplace, business models, user engagement strategies, recommendations for legal and regulatory requirements and integration of CCAM in Sustainable Mobility Planning processes

For more detailed information on the project, please visit https://show-project.eu/


As part of the project’s regional replication programme, SHOW aims to support the transfer of CCAM experiences, tools and learnings to at least 20 additional Regional Replicator Sites, offering them the opportunity to

  • participate in SHOW on-site demonstrations, taking into account the available resources of the project
  • webinars and trainings (virtual workshops, webinars, e-courses) taking into account capacity, resources and areas of interest;
  • develop multiplication plans and actions endorsing SHOW Use Cases aligned with their local roadmaps;
  • network with our SHOW community of CCAM experts representing local practitioners, service and technology providers, OEMs, research and academia.

From January 2023 until December 2023, the Regional Replicator sites will have the opportunity to be engaged in SHOW physical and online events on a voluntary and flexible basis (reimbursement of travel costs is not foreseen to cover participation in on-site demonstrations).

Regional Replicator Sites will also have the opportunity to develop local plans and actions with input from SHOW experts (the contribution of each regional replicator site will be based on the voluntary resources of each site) in how to use CCAM system and services in their own territory, for which a dedicated consultation mechanism will be set up.


The call for SHOW Regional Replicator Sites follows the timeline outlined below:

Opens: 6 December 2022

Closes: 23 January 2023

Assessment of applications: 23-28 January 2023

Notification to applicant about the outcomes of the selection process: January 2023

The selected Sites will be contacted in the course of January 2023 to further define their priorities and interests. On the basis of these discussions a programme of activities will be developed and proposed based on the Sites’ availability and resources. A questionnaire will be asked to filled in by all selected applicants.

From January 2023 on, Regional Replicator Sites will be invited to join relevant activities, and to connect with the project and the SHOW Demonstration Sites. The process will be consolidated by project partner e-Trikala.


Different stages of development and different levels of expertise will be taken into consideration. Regional Replicator Sites applications will be reviewed by an internal expert panel including Eurocities, CERTH, UITP, ERTICO and E-Trikala.

Selection criteria that will be applied include:

  • Level of ambition towards deployment of shared CCAM services;
  • Connection with and complementarity to SHOW use cases;
  • Alignment with sustainable urban mobility planning goals and related objectives in terms of sustainability, safety, accessibility and inclusivity;
  • Foreseen cooperation with local administrations and partner organisations.


For more information, support and advice, please contact e-Trikala through an email to info@e-trikala.gr  and stasiou@e-trikala.gr


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