The NET-EUCEN project intends to create, animate and manage a network of experienced organizations covering the whole supply chain of the service for users (S4U), belonging to several European countries (23 subjects from 16 European Countries), to share the experiences and knowledge on ICT initiatives and services for the wide User Domain, gained mainly during participation in funded project such as the IST and the eTEN programme more oriented to develop and test services for users.

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    “The NET-EUCEN project is partially funded under the ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme by the European Community” (link to the ICT PSP website:


    * – Mobilise and co-ordinate exchanges of experiences among actors and stakeholders;
    * – Produce a set of guidelines for enhancing user centricity in eGovernment services using current codes and charters in various Member States;
    * – Assess new and innovative application scenarios and foster their industrialization and set-up all over Europe by supporting the multidisciplinary approach to the finding of innovative ICT solutions for citizens, public administrations and large communities.
    * – Creating a future vision in the medium and long term by the provision and forecasting of a set of potential application scenarios in the short and medium term in the Governance and Policy domain;
    * – Co-operate with relevant EU, national, regional and local initiatives to further advance the development and deployment of user centric eGovernment services;
    * – Disseminate the findings and results of the network among all stakeholders, including policy makers at EU and national levels.

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