MyWay – European Smart Mobility Resource Manager

MyWay – European Smart Mobility Resource Manager

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    The MyWay project (European Smart Mobility Resource Manager) is an FP7 type project and is expected to last 30 months. In total participate 14 partners from 8 EU countries (Italy – coordinator, Germany, France, Spain, UK, Belgium, Czech Republic and Greece). From Greece, apart from e-Trikala SA, also participates the ICCS (Institute of Communication and Computer Systems).

    The general idea of the project is to develop an integrated platform which will get as input data for any type of mobility (from public transportation to public bicycles and electric vehicles), edit them and provide to the user a series of valuable mobility information.

    The tests for the platform will be done in three European cities, including Trikala (the other two being Barcelona and Berlin). The program aims at utilizing the results of the service in the three cities and at determining potential environmentally friendly alternative routes within the urban fabric.

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