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    MOMENTUM has, at its heart, building a European momentum for telemedicine to ensure the provision of high quality routine care for its people. Stakeholders will be closely involved. The MOMENTUM Thematic Network will develop a European Union-wide multi-stakeholder platform. At the core of the platform are the practitioners of telemedicine – those involved with its day-to-day delivery. Its wider community includes stakeholder groups, other actors and the broader public. MOMENTUM has a core set of objectives. It is about creating a platform across which the key players can share their knowledge and experience in deploying telemedicine services into routine care so as to build a body of good practice. Working together, they will define a Blueprint that validates a consolidated set of methods supporting the telemedicine service implementation process.


    MOMENTUM’s outcome will be a vibrant and sustainable network of telemedicine stakeholders.
    Their responsibilities are to develop and maintain a European Telemedicine Deployment Blueprint that will
    achieve three results.
    • It will assist countries and telemedicine practitioners in their telemedicine implementations, and validate the
    work of past initiatives.
    • It will document the roadblocks – the lack of robust methods to support the telemedicine implementation
    process is perceived as one of them – that obstruct telemedicine implementation in daily practice.
    • It will propose a set of policy recommendations: these will help to create the enabling environments needed to
    accelerate overall telemedicine deployment in Europe.
    It will be a core tool: it will be fundamental to assessing the legal and organisational issues to be addressed in
    mainstreaming telemedicine at European, regional and local levels. Hence, it will deal with base-line legislation
    through to local practice guidelines.
    MOMENTUM’s ultimate goal is turn telemedicine into a sustainable mechanism.

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    “The MOMENTUM project is partially funded under the ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) as part of the Competitiveness and

    Innovation Framework Programme by the European Community” (link to the ICT PSP website:

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