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Free WiFi network

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    This is an initiative of the Municipality of Trikala in collaboration with e-trikala SA, the implementation of which began in October 2005 with a view to:

    > Provide free internet access to all citizens
    > Bind websites trafficking and illegal material exchange on the “download” songs and movies
    > And pornography so that parents can feel safe when our fellow minors “surfthe internet.

    Research and development department of e-trikala SA, following the technological developments to provide maximum service to the citizens, studied and implemented alternative ways to interface and created a combined network. Furthermore, 5 of the 33 nodes are fed from the optical fiber (greater volume of data at higher speeds for higher number of users). Those citizens wishing to have access to the wireless network of the municipality, can obtain their personal password by visiting the Operational Control Center (OCC) of e-Trikala, which lies at Kalampakas 28 & Ampatis. Necessary for the registration to the wireless system is the ID card of the citizen.

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