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Telecare service


    e-Trikala SA created, in collaboration with the Municipality of Trikala, a network of Telecare using telecare and telemedicine infrastructure for the provision of support services to vulnerable groups (the elderly, people with chronic diseases, dementia, depression). To date they have monitored and serviced too many cases of people with chronic cardiac insufficiency, chronic pulmonary problems and hypertensive patients and caregivers with mild dementia or depression. Through simple means, which can easily be used by patients, the current situation and the medical data or emergencies is recorded, sent via telecommunications interface and transferred to electronic health records and the corresponding private physician.

    The purpose of these services is to reduce the daily burden of care and increase the quality of life of patients and their carers, to improve levels of daily self-help, enhance everyday social interaction and cognitive enhancement. The most important goal, however, is to avoid the introduction of a patient in a hospital or institution and remain in his home near relatives. Telecare project originally implemented as part of the Information Society through the office e-trikala, and continues to this day through European programs making e-Trikala AE is one of the most experienced operators in the above entities.

    As mentioned in addition to telemedicine, e-Trikala provides services and telecare in patients with mild dementia or depression. Moreover, psychological support is provided via videophone caregivers to patients with mild dementia or depression, trying in this way to reduce the daily burden of care which is also adopted by the European Union through the Digital Agenda.

    “getting older shouldn’t mean losing your dignity and independence”

    Neelie Kroes

    Vice-President of the European Commission, Responsible for the Digital Agenda

    How the system works

    The citizen places the body by the device and by simply pressing a button can record biological signals, which are automatically transferred to the telecare center wired or wirelessly with the help of smart” mobile phone either in the telecare center or in another  selection of recipient (doctor, hospital, etc.). The device is easy to use and requires no special knowledge of the user, just pressing a button in the center sends the recorded information (biological signal citizenship). For communication device with the center telecare needs of the commission responsible citizen who holds, and a smart card to connect to the mobile network

    The project was piloted initially providing stable biological telemetry devices, to enable citizens to have the opportunity of placing the body and the device simply by pushing a button can record biological signals of (ECG or spirometry) and then they are transferred in telecare center through telephone line 24 hours a day. Most patients are provided with mobile devices which combined with small and handy recorders biological signals (sphygmomanometer, saccharimeter, ECG) are used to monitor their health through information system has the telecare center.


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