CITYMOBIL2 – Όχημα χωρίς Οδηγό

CITYMOBIL2 – Όχημα χωρίς Οδηγό

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    The project’s full title is “Cities demonstrating cybernetic mobility”, is of FP7 type, has officially started since 01/09/2012 and will last 4 years.

    In total the are 45 EU partners participating, while from Greece -apart from e-Trikala SA- participating are the Research Laboratory of Information Communications and Computer Systems from the National Technical University of Athens (Metsovio). 12 partners represent cities/regions (Trikala, Reggio Calabria, Leon, Saint Soulpis, Sophia Antipolis, Vantaa, Brussels, La Rochelle, San Sebastian, CERN, Milan, Oristano), while 5 more represent manufacturers of automated vehicles (YAMAHA, Robosoft, 2GetThere, Induct, Movemile).

    The Project aims to create demonstrations with automated vehicle (without drivers) in specific routes in five cities/regions. The process first includes the choice of two out of the five manufacturers, who will supply the selected cities with two sets of six vehicles. The vehicles’ characteristics are to be finalized during the first months of the project’s operation. Afterwards, all 12 cities are to make survey regarding their possibility of conducting the demonstrations in their regions. After the selection of the five best perspectives, six-month demonstrations are to be commenced to each city by turn, getting more responsibilities. In case of no selection, five out of the remaining seven cities will be able to host short (1-2 week) static show-cases, which will reveal the potential of the vehicles.


    The city of Trikala was chosen as a European pilot for the movement of vehicles without drivers to a predefined route. Impressive point of the letter is that Trikala proposal received the highest score of the candidate cities and therefore takes the compliments of the auditors of the European Union. e-Trikala SA in cooperation with its coordinator partner is in the process of legalization the pilot circulation of vehicles in the city our with the relevant department of the Ministry of Transport and in particular with the Office of the Deputy Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, Michalis Papadopoulos, whose contribution was invaluable .

    Specifically, the project “CityMobil2” – Cities demonstrating cybernetic mobility (FP7, contract number 314190) aims to pilot route with vehicles without drivers to designated routes.

    Trikala competed with 11 other cities around Europe and managed to qualify to the final five cities (Oristano -Italy, Vantaa-Finland, Trikala_Greece, Sophia Antipolis -France, San Sebastian -Spain) who will conduct semi-annual tests on site with automatic vehicles. Due to the difficulty of the project, e-Trikala works closely with the other Greek official partner, the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems. So far, the proposed route that an automatic vehicle would follow has been determined, and various parameters are now studied by the consortium.

    See here the project that preceded CityMobil2 in Automatic Vehicle(download the PDF)

    Visit CityMobil2 website

    This project is co-funded by the European Commission DG CONNECT in FP7

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