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Meeting of the EU co-funded MyWay project

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During 30 September – 1 October 2014 took place in Prague, Czech Republic, the meeting of the partners of MyWay project (http://myway-project.eu/). The project deals with the optimization of citizen’s mobility through an innovative journey-planner application, while the pilot application will take place in three Living Labs: i. in Barcelona and the region of Catalonia, ii. Berlin and iii. Trikala. Greece participates through the Municipal Development Enterprise e-Trikala SA from Trikala Municipality and ICCS.

MyWay 2014 took place in Prague, Czech Republic

The current progress of the project and the next activities were discussed. In specific, three phases have been identified towards the pilot operation of MyWay. ‘Phase 0’ includes the installation of the pilot MyWay application in smartphones having iOS and Android operating systems from 5 e-Trikala employees in order to use the application, during November and December 2014. ‘Phase 1’ will take place during March and April 2015, will include all necessary application improvements and will be beta-tested by around 20 users. Finally, the main ‘Phase 2’ will take place from July until October 2015, where 50 ‘real’ smart-phone users will test the application under real conditions and will contribute through their valuable feedback. Mr Athanasios Ballis, Computer Engineer of e-Trikala SA, attended representing the Municipal Enterprise.

The first official review will take place during November 2014 by the authorized institutions of Brussels, when it is expected to have its current progress certified and its continuation kept unhampered for the remaining 18 months.


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