Web applications

The procedures and functions of each company have now acquired online footprint, in order to optimize the time and cost of processing information and effective collaboration with other companies.

Software development

e-Trikala develops software through programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing in creating and maintaining applications and frameworks involved in a software release life cycle and leading in a software product.

European projects

The company participates as a partner in projects financed by the EU in the areas of Telecare, Telehealth, Smart Mobility, e-Inclusion, e-Government interoperability.

Wireless Networks

Research and development department of e-trikala SA, following the technological development to provide maximum service to the citizens, studied and implemented alternative ways of interconnection.

Research Proposals

Part of the service of e-Trikala SA is writing research proposals for both national and European projects. The company has gained extensive experience in writing proposals for various projects. Mostly, participation becomes a subsidiary company and a certain number of national and European programs was the coordinating partner, developing the whole proposal and having the responsibility for the collection of all required data.

Thematic parks

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